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Liam Ann is an Academic expert and a counsellor who is associated with the assignment help brand MyAssignmenthelp. She is an active blogger and a motivational speaker and Ghost writer.

Building Effective Relationships with Children

Developing emotional connections is important, chcece005 answers how young children have a different approach to the world. They grow to be responsive and caring people. Children approach the world with enthusiasm and openness.

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Giving unstructured and uninterrupted time to children is essential. Let the child be the leader in anything they do. Give them the full attention but let them feel independent. Allow your child to understand that you are interested in his activities.

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Remember, spending quality time with the child can happen anytime and anywhere. Communicate positively through gentle touches or eye contact. Minimize any disruption or distractions. Try to plan something regular one-on-on time.

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