Studying and living in the Netherlands during the global pandemic.

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Studying abroad, what a big change and challenge! Provide ‘yourself’ food on a daily basis, doing the laundry and calling your mom every day to gain some knowledge about housekeeping. I think you will recognize yourself here when you just moved to another country. It’s definitely a challenge, isn’t it?

The more when we look at circumstances where the whole world is living in, namely the COVID-19 pandemic. However, according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), it is illustrated that around 63.000 people moved to the Netherlands despite a global pandemic.

Simpler’s employees would like to give international students recommendations for planning enjoyable activities when staying in the Netherlands during the pandemic.

Enjoy outside

Unfortunately due to the covid-19 pandemic you may not be able to make a city trip through the Netherlands. Therefore, I can imagine that those days get a little boring as long as we are tied to the lockdown. So, get your trainers on and go outside enjoy a walk through your village or city. Share some lovely pictures with your friends and family on social media. Last but not least, treat yourself with something tasty while wandering. Cheers!

Ways to boost your Dutch!

Now that you moved to the Netherlands it’s about time to become a real ‘Dutchie’. As Dutch people we know that it’s hard to learn this language for other people, but don’t give up too soon!

Just start with the basics. Search on YouTube for videos how to present yourself in Dutch. A useful channel that provides videos in English is called ‘Dutch Learning Journey’. Get used to the Dutch language by for example listening each day to short podcasts or news videos in Dutch. Another useful tool is to watch an interesting Dutch film, series, comedy or documentary on Netflix.

In addition, maybe you’re not an avid book reader, but it seems that nothing works better than to increase your vocabulary by reading Dutch texts. Be aware of having a notebook next to you so that you can write down the words you don’t know. After that, look them up in a dictionary.

Let’s go cooking!

According to The Conversation, before the covid-19 pandemic there was a decline coming up in home cooking, skills and confidence in cooking. On the contrary, as covid-19 caused different swifts in our life, nowadays more and more people freed up time for their food preparation. Therefore, we want to inspire you with some typically Dutch recipes namely Boerenkool stamppot, Appelmoes, Kipragout, Gekookte Mosselen with fries, Poffertjes, Stoofperen and so on.

Check out the link below to see other Dutch foods with recipes explained in English to make it yourself!

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