Do you need help with applying for the tuition fee loan, supplementary grant, or travel provision from DUO, health and housing allowance from Belastingdienst, or a tax remission?

We are here for you. Choose the date and time slot from the calendar that suits you the best and fill in the form with your personal details and the topic(s) you want to discuss under "notes".

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Are you from one of our partner universities?

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Would you like to share the costs with your friends and do you need to discuss the same problem with us?

No problem, we got you covered with our group consultations! When choosing the time slot and date, please add in the "notes" that you would like to have a group consultation and add the details of everyone from the group. Then we will send the invitation for a meeting to everyone and each person will receive a separate invoice to their personal mail address.


Types of consultation:

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