How to apply for a study?

Applying for a study in the Netherlands - Studielink

Are you interested in studying in the Netherlands, have you already checked out some universities or found an interesting field of study?

Great! The next step is to apply to a university of your choice. 

Nationwide all University applications are managed on one Application platform Studielink: 

On Studielink you not only manage your applications but also your tuition fees. 

The first step is to register on Studielink. We advise you to apply for universities in some reasonable time before coming to the Netherlands. Because you do not have your DigiD yet, we advise you to create a Studielink account without a DigiD. You can create your non-DigiD Studielink account here: 

After setting up your Studielink account we advise you to fill in all required fields of personal data and update your profile. Studielink is almost self-explanatory, after setting up your Studielink account you can start searching for study programs/universities and hand in your applications. Once you decide that you want to study in the Netherlands, we advise you to choose at least three different universities that offer a study program you are interested in, in case you do not get accepted to your preferred university. Please keep in mind that there are application periods and deadlines that have to be met. The earlier you start figuring out what you want and where you want to go, the better. 

Note: We at Simpler do not offer help with application procedures. We can't give guarantees for acceptance and we are not responsible for your application. All applications are managed centralized on Studielink and are handled by the universities themselves.